Nx-NoGrammar (Roomaji) MeaningLink
N3-001あまり([Nの]余り) (amari) too much
N3-002ば~ほど (ba~hodo) the more… the more
N3-003ばいい (baii) should, can, it’d be good if
N3-004ばかり (bakari) only, nothing but
N3-005ばかりだ (bakarida) continue to
N3-006ばかりでなく (bakaridenaku) not only… but also, as well as
N3-007ばかりに (bakarini) because, on account of
N3-008ばよかった (bayokatta) should have, it would have been better if
N3-009べき (beki) must do, should do
N3-010べきではない (bekidewanai) must not do, should not do
N3-011べつに~ない (betsuninai) not really, not particularly
N3-012だらけ (darake) covered all over in, full of
N3-013どころか (dokoroka) far from, anything but
N3-014どんなに~ても (donnanitemo) no matter how
N3-015ふりをする (furiwosuru) to pretend, to act as if
N3-016がち (gachi) apt to do, tend to do
N3-017がたい(難い) (gatai) hard to, difficult to
N3-018ぎみ(気味) (gimi) -like, -looking
N3-019はずだ (hazuda) it must be, it should be
N3-020ほど (hodo) the more, to the extent that, so much… that
N3-021ほど~ない (hodo~nai) is not as… as
N3-022いくら~ても (ikura~temo) no matter how
N3-023一方だ(いっぽうだ) (ippouda) more and more, continue to
N3-024一方で(いっぽうで) (ippoude) on one hand, on the other hand
N3-025かけ (kake) half-, not yet finished
N3-026から言うと (karaiuto) in terms of, from the point of view of
N3-027代わりに (kawarini) instead of, in exchange for
N3-028決して~ない (kesshite~nai) never, by no means
N3-029切れない (kirenai) being too much to finish or complete
N3-030きり(切り) (kiri) only, just
N3-031切る(きる) (kiru) to do something completely to the end
N3-032っけ (kke) what is… again?
N3-033こそ (koso) for sure (emphasize preceding word)
N3-034こと (koto) (must) do
N3-035ことだ (kotoda) should
N3-036ことがある (kotogaaru) there are times when
N3-037ことか (kotoka) how…! what…!
N3-038ことから (kotokara) from the fact that
N3-039ことに (kotoni) unusually, especially
N3-040ことになる (kotoninaru) it has been decided that
N3-041ことにする (kotonisuru) to decide on
N3-042ことはない (kotowanai) there is no need to, never happens
N3-043くらい(位) (kurai) to the extent that, so… that
N3-044くせに(癖に) (kuseni) even though, and yet, despite
N3-045まま (mama) as it is
N3-046まるで (marude) as if, as though
N3-047めったに~ない(滅多に~ない) (mettani~nai) hardly, rarely, seldom
N3-048もの (mono) because (indicate reason or excuse)
N3-049ものだ (monoda) used to do something, should do something
N3-050もしかしたら (moshikashitara) perhaps, maybe
N3-051向け (muke) intended for, aimed at
N3-052向き (muki) suitable for
N3-053ながらも (nagaramo) but, although, despite
N3-054ないことはない (naikotowanai) can, is not impossible
N3-055なんか/なんて (nanka/nante) such as, things like
N3-056なぜなら/なぜかというと (nazenara) because, the reason is
N3-057んだって (ndatte) I heard that
N3-058に違いない (nichigainai) I’m sure, no doubt that
N3-059にかけて (nikakete) over (a period), through, concerning
N3-060に関する/に関して (nikansuru/nikanshite) related to
N3-061にかわって/にかわり/のかわりに(に代わって/に代わり/の代わりに) (nikawatte) in stead of, on behalf of
N3-062に比べて・に比べると (nikurabete) compared to
N3-063において/における(に於いて/に於ける) (nioite/niokeru) in, on, at, as for, regarding
N3-064にしても (nishitemo) even if
N3-065にしては (nishitewa) for, considering it’s
N3-066に対して (nitaishite) in contrast to, while, in regard to
N3-067にとって (nitotte) to, for, concerning
N3-068について (nitsuite) concerning, regarding
N3-069につれて (nitsurete) as… then
N3-070によると/によれば (niyoruto/niyoreba) according to
N3-071によって/による (niyotte/niyoru) by means of, due to
N3-072の間に (noaidani) while, during
N3-073おかげで (okagede) thanks to, because of
N3-074っぱなし (ppanashi) leaving something on, leaving something still in use
N3-075っぽい (ppoi) -ish, -like
N3-076さえ (sae) even
N3-077さえ~ば (sae~ba) if only… then
N3-078最中に (saichuuni) in the middle of
N3-079せいで (seide) because of
N3-080次第 (shidai) as soon as, dependent upon
N3-081しかない (shikanai) have no choice but
N3-082その結果 (sonokekka) as a result
N3-083そうもない (soumonai) very unlikely to
N3-084たびに (tabini) each time, everytime, whenever
N3-085ために (tameni) for, for the sake of, in order to
N3-086ために (tameni) because of, as a result of
N3-087たらいい/といい (taraii/toii) it would be nice if, should, I hope
N3-088たとえ~ても (tatoe~temo) even if… is the case
N3-089たとたん (tatotan) just (now, at the moment), as soon as
N3-090てごらん (tegoran) (please) try to, (please) look
N3-091てはじめて (tehajimete) not until, only after… did I
N3-092てもかまわない (temokamawanai) it doesn’t matter if
N3-093といっても (toittemo) although I say, although one might say
N3-094という (toiu) called, named, as much as
N3-095ということだ (toiukotoda) I’ve heard that, rumour has it that
N3-096というのは (toiunowa) means, is, because
N3-097というと (toiuto) speaking of, if it were the case that
N3-098というより (toiuyori) rather than
N3-099ところで (tokorode) by the way
N3-100ところが (tokoroga) even so, however, even though
N3-101とおり (toori) in the way, the same as
N3-102としたら/とすれば (toshitara/tosureba) if it were the case that, if we assume
N3-103として (toshite) as (i.e. in the role of)
N3-104と共に (totomoni) together with
N3-105とは限らない (towakagiranai) not necessarily so, is not always true
N3-106ついでに (tsuideni) while you are at it, on the occasion
N3-107つまり (tsumari) in other words; that is to say
N3-108うちに (uchini) while, before, doing
N3-109上で (uede) after
N3-110わけだ (wakeda) for that reason, no wonder, as you’d expect
N3-111わけではない (wakedewanai) it doesn’t mean that, it is not the case
N3-112わけがない (wakeganai) there is no way that
N3-113わけにはいかない (wakeniwaikanai) must not, can’t afford to
N3-114わりに (warini) although, rather, unexpectedly
N3-115をはじめ (wohajime) for example, starting with
N3-116ような気がする (younakigasuru) have a feeling that, think that
N3-117ように (youni) in order to, so that
N3-118ようとしない (youtoshinai) not try to, not make an effort to
N3-119ようとする (youtosuru) try to, be about to
N3-120ずに (zuni) without doing
N3-121ずにはいられない (zuniwairarenai) can’t help but feel, can’t help but do
N2-001あるいは(或いは) (aruiwa) or, possibly
N2-002ぶりに(振りに) (burini) for the first time in
N2-003ちっとも~ない (chittomo~nai) not at all, not in the least
N2-004だけあって (dakeatte) …being the case, precisely because
N2-005だけでなく (dakedenaku) not only… but also
N2-006だけましだ (dakemashida) one should feel grateful for
N2-007だけに (dakeni) …being the case, precisely because
N2-008だけのことはある (dakenokotowaaru) no wonder, it’s not surprising that
N2-009だけは (dakewa) to do all that one can
N2-010だって (datte) because, but
N2-011でしかない (deshikanai) merely, nothing but, no more than
N2-012ではないか (dewanaika) let’s do something, why don’t we
N2-013どころではない (dokorodewanai) this is not the time for…
N2-014どうせ (douse) anyway, anyhow
N2-015どうやら (douyara) it seems like, it appears that
N2-016えない(得ない) (enai) unable to, cannot
N2-017える/うる(得る) (eru/uru) can, is possible
N2-018ふたたび(再び) (futatabi) again, once more
N2-019ふうに(風に) (fuuni) in a way (this way/that way/what way)
N2-020げ(気) (ge) [giving the appearance of]
N2-021ごとに (gotoni) each, every, at intervals of
N2-022逆に (gyakuni) on the contrary
N2-023反面 (hanmen) on the other hand
N2-024果たして (hatashite) sure enough, really
N2-025以外 (igai) excepting, with the exception of
N2-026以上(いじょう) (ijou) because, now that
N2-027以上に(いじょうに) (ijouni) more than, no less than
N2-028いきなり (ikinari) suddenly, all of a sudden
N2-029いわゆる(所謂) (iwayuru) so-called, so to speak
N2-030いよいよ (iyoiyo) at last, finally
N2-031上(Nじょう) (jou) from the standpoint of
N2-032か~ないのうちに (ka~nainouchini) right after, as soon as
N2-033かえって(返って) (kaette) on the contrary, rather, surprisingly
N2-034限り(かぎり) (kagiri) as long as, while… is the case
N2-035かいがある(甲斐がある) (kaigaaru) it worths one’s effort to do something
N2-036か何か (kananika) or something
N2-037かねない(兼ねない) (kanenai) might happen, might do something
N2-038かねる(兼ねる) (kaneru) unable to do something
N2-039かのようだ (kanoyouda) as if, just like
N2-040からこそ (karakoso) precisely because
N2-041から見ると (karamiruto) from the point of view of, by the look of
N2-042からには (karaniwa) now that, since, so long as
N2-043からして (karashite) judging from, based on
N2-044からすると/からすれば (karasuruto/karasureba) judging from, considering
N2-045からといって (karatoitte) just because
N2-046かと思ったら/かと思うと (katoomottara/katoomouto) then again, just when, no sooner than
N2-047気 (ki) feel like
N2-048っこない (kkonai) no chance of, … is definitely not possible
N2-049ことだから (kotodakara) it is exactly because
N2-050ことなく (kotonaku) without doing something even once
N2-051ことになっている (kotoninatteiru) to be expected to, to be scheduled to
N2-052ことにはならない (kotoniwanaranai) just because… doesn’t mean…
N2-053ことは~が (kotowa~ga) although, but
N2-054まい (mai) won’t, intend not to
N2-055まったく~ない (mattaku~nai) not~at all
N2-056も~ば~も (mo~ba~mo) …and…
N2-057もかまわず (mokamawazu) without worrying about
N2-058ものだから (monodakara) because, the reason is
N2-059ものではない (monodewanai) shouldn’t do something, it’s impossible to do something
N2-060ものがある (monogaaru) [sentence-ending expression of strong judgement]
N2-061ものか (monoka) as if
N2-062ものなら (mononara) if one can do something
N2-063ものの (monono) but, although
N2-064もっとも(尤も) (mottomo) but then, although
N2-065もう少しで (mousukoshide) almost, nearly
N2-066むしろ (mushiro) rather, instead
N2-067ないではいられない (naidewairarenai) can’t help but feel, can’t help but do
N2-068ないことには~ない (naikotoniwa~nai) unless you do something
N2-069中を (nakawo) in, on
N2-070なくはない (nakuwanai) it’s not that…, can, may be
N2-071なにも~ない (nanimo~nai) no need to
N2-072なお (nao) [used to add more information to the sentence]
N2-073ねばならない (nebanaranai) have to, must
N2-074にあたり (niatari) at the time, on the occasion of
N2-075に反して (nihanshite) against, contrary to
N2-076にほかならない (nihokanaranai) nothing but, none other than
N2-077に限らず (nikagirazu) not just, not only… but also
N2-078に限る (nikagiru) nothing better than, there’s nothing like
N2-079に限って (nikagitte) only, particularly when
N2-080にかかわらず (nikakawarazu) regardless of
N2-081にかかわる (nikakawaru) to relate to, to have to do with
N2-082に決まっている (nikimatteiru) I’m sure that…
N2-083に越したことはない (nikoshitakotowanai) it’s best that, there’s nothing better than
N2-084に応えて (nikotaete) in response to
N2-085に加えて (nikuwaete) in addition to
N2-086にもかかわらず (nimokakawarazu) despite, in spite of, although
N2-087に基づいて (nimotozuite) based on
N2-088に向かって (nimukatte) towards, to face, to head to
N2-089に応じて (nioujite) depending on, in accordance with
N2-090に際して (nisaishite) on the occasion of, at the time of
N2-091に先立ち (nisakidachi) before, prior to
N2-092にしろ/にせよ (nishiro/niseyo) though, even if, whether… or
N2-093にしろ~にしろ (nishiro~nishiro) whether… or
N2-094に従って (nishitagatte) as, therefore
N2-095にしたら (nishitara) from the point of view of
N2-096にしても~にしても (nishitemo~nishitemo) regardless of whether
N2-097に沿って (nisotte) along with, in accordance with
N2-098に相違ない (nisouinai) without a doubt, certain, sure
N2-099に過ぎない (nisuginai) no more than, just, merely
N2-100にて (nite) in, at
N2-101に伴って (nitomonatte) as, due to
N2-102につけ (nitsuke) both… and…, everytime something happens
N2-103につき (nitsuki) due to, because, per, each
N2-104には (niwa) in order to, for
N2-105にわたって (niwatatte) throughout, over (a period of time)
N2-106のみならず (nominarazu) not only, besides, as well
N2-107のももっともだ (nomomottomoda) no wonder, … is only natural
N2-108のもとで (nomotode) under
N2-109のも当然だ (nomotouzenda) it’s only natural that, no wonder
N2-110抜きで/抜きにして (nukide/nukinishite) leaving out, cutting out
N2-111抜く (nuku) to do something to the end
N2-112おまけに (omakeni) to make matter worse
N2-113お~願う (onegau) could you please
N2-114おそらく (osoraku) perhaps, likely, probably
N2-115恐れがある (osoregaaru) there are fears that
N2-116ろくに~ない (rokuni~nai) not doing something properly
N2-117際に (saini) at the time, in case of
N2-118幸い (saiwai) luckily, fortunately
N2-119さらに (sarani) furthermore, again, more and more
N2-120せいぜい (seizei) at the most, at best
N2-121せめて (semete) at least, at most
N2-122次第だ/次第で (shidaida/shidaide) depending on, so
N2-123しかも (shikamo) moreover, furthermore
N2-124したがって (shitagatte) therefore, accordingly
N2-125その上 (sonoue) besides, in addition, furthermore
N2-126それなのに (sorenanoni) and yet, despite this
N2-127それなら (sorenara) then, if that’s the case
N2-128それにしても (sorenishitemo) nevertheless, even so
N2-129それとも (soretomo) or, or else
N2-130そういえば (souieba) come to think of it
N2-131そうにない (souninai) extremely unlikely to, showing no signs of
N2-132そうすると (sousuruto) having done that
N2-133少しも~ない (sukoshimo~nai) not one bit, not even a little
N2-134すなわち (sunawachi) in other words
N2-135たあげく (taageku) to end up, finally
N2-136直ちに (tadachini) at once, immediately
N2-137たまえ (tamae) [order somebody to do something]
N2-138確かに (tashikani) surely, certainly
N2-139た末/の末 (tasue/nosue) as a conclusion of
N2-140たとえば (tatoeba) for example
N2-141たところで (tatokorode) even if one does something
N2-142たって (tatte) even if, even though, no matter how
N2-143てばかりはいられない (tebakariwairarenai) can’t keep doing something
N2-144てでも (tedemo) even if I have to, by all means
N2-145て以来 (teirai) since
N2-146ていては (teitewa) if one keeps doing something
N2-147てからでないと (tekaradenaito) unless, until
N2-148てこそ (tekoso) now that, since
N2-149手前 (temae) before, in front of, from one’s standpoint
N2-150てならない (tenaranai) very, extremely
N2-151てしょうがない (teshouganai) very, extremely
N2-152てたまらない (tetamaranai) very, extremely, can’t help but do
N2-153て当然だ (tetouzenda) natural, as a matter of course
N2-154ては (tewa) if, since, one after another
N2-155てはいられない (tewairarenai) can’t afford to, unable to
N2-156てはならない (tewanaranai) must not, cannot, should not
N2-157途中に/途中で (tochuuni/tochuude) on the way, in the middle of
N2-158と同時に (todoujini) at the same time as
N2-159といった (toitta) such… as
N2-160というふうに (toiufuuni) in such a way that
N2-161ということは (toiukotowa) that is to say
N2-162というものだ (toiumonoda) something like…, something called…
N2-163というものでもない (toiumonodemonai) there is no guarantee that…, not necessarily
N2-164とか (toka) I heard that…
N2-165と考えられる (tokangaerareru) one can think that…
N2-166とっくに (tokkuni) already, long ago
N2-167ところだった (tokorodatta) was just about to do something
N2-168ところに/ところへ (tokoroni/tokoroe) at the time
N2-169ところを見ると (tokorowomiruto) judging from, seeing that
N2-170とも (tomo) even if, no matter
N2-171としても (toshitemo) assuming, even if
N2-172つもりで (tsumoride) with the intention of doing
N2-173つつ (tsutsu) while, although
N2-174つつある (tsutsuaru) to be doing
N2-175上に (ueni) as well, besides, in addition to
N2-176上は (uewa) now that, since
N2-177は別として (wabetsutoshite) aside from
N2-178はもとより (wamotoyori) also, let alone
N2-179はともかく (watomokaku) whether or not
N2-180わずかに (wazukani) slightly
N2-181を中心に (wochuushinni) focused on, centered on
N2-182を契機に (wokeikini) as a good opportunity to, as a result of
N2-183をきっかけに (wokikkakeni) with… as a start, as a result of
N2-184をこめて (wokomete) filled with
N2-185をめぐって (womegutte) concerning, in regard to
N2-186をもとに (womotoni) based on, from
N2-187を除いて (wonozoite) except, with the exception of
N2-188を~として (wotoshite) as
N2-189を問わず (wotowazu) regardless of
N2-190を通じて/を通して (wotsuujite/wotooshite) via, through
N2-191やがて (yagate) soon, before long, eventually
N2-192やら~やら (yara~yara) such things as
N2-193よりほかない (yorihokanai) to have no choice but
N2-194ようでは (youdewa) if
N2-195ようがない/ようもない (youganai/youmonai) there’s no way to, it’s impossible to
N2-196要するに (yousuruni) the point is
N2-197ざるを得ない (zaruwoenai) can’t help doing, have no choice but
N2-198ずに済む (zunisumu) get by without doing something
N1-001あえて(敢えて) (aete) dare toOn Cú 作文
N1-002あくまでも(飽くまでも・飽く迄も) (akumademo) to the end, to the utmost degreeOn Cú 作文
N1-003案の定 (annojou) just as one thoughtOn Cú 作文
N1-004あらかじめ(予め) (arakajime) beforehand, in advance
N1-005あっての (atteno) to owe everything to
N1-006場合によっては (baainiyottewa) depending on the situation
N1-007ばこそ (bakoso) only because
N1-008ばそれまでだ (basoremadeda) if… then it’s over
N1-009べからず (bekarazu) must not, should not
N1-010べく (beku) in order to, should
N1-011べくもない (bekumonai) can’tOn Cú 作文
N1-012びる (biru) seeming to beOn Cú
N1-013ぶり (buri) style, manner
N1-014ぶる (buru) behaving likeOn Cú
N1-015だに (dani) even
N1-016だの~だの (dano~dano) and, and so forth
N1-017であれ~であれ (deare~deare) whether A or B
N1-018であれ/であろうと (dearu/dearouto) whoever/whatever/however
N1-019でも何でもない (demonandemonai) not in the least
N1-020でなくてなんだろう (denakutenandarou) must be, is definitely
N1-021ではあるまいか (dewaarumaika) I wonder if it’s not
N1-022ではあるまいし (dewaarumaishi) it’s not like, it isn’t as if
N1-023ではすまない (dewasumanai) it doesn’t end with just
N1-024どうにも~ない (dounimo~nai) not … by any means
N1-025ふと (futo) accidentally, unexpectedly
N1-026が早いか (gahayaika) as soon as
N1-027が最後 (gasaigo) once something occurs, something else happens
N1-028がてら (gatera) on the same occasion
N1-029ごとき/ごとく (gotoki/gotoku) like, as if
N1-030ぐるみ (gurumi) together with
N1-031羽目になる (hameninaru) to end up with (something unpleasant)
N1-032ひとつ (hitotsu) to give something a try
N1-033ほどのことはない (hodonokotowanai) not worth, no need to
N1-034ほかに~ない (hokani~nai) no other
N1-035ほうがましだ (hougamashida) I would rather
N1-036いかなる (ikanaru) any kind of
N1-037いかんでは/いかんによっては (ikandewa/ikanniyottewa) depending on
N1-038いかに (ikani) how
N1-039いかにも (ikanimo) indeed, really
N1-040いかんによらず (ikanniyorazu) regardless of
N1-041いまだに (imadani) still, even now
N1-042いずれにせよ (izureniseyo) at any rate, in any case
N1-043じみた (jimita) to look like
N1-044限りだ (kagirida) I feel so
N1-045かいもなく (kaimonaku) even though
N1-046か否か (kainaka) whether or not
N1-047可能性がある (kanouseigaaru) there’s a possibility
N1-048からある (karaaru) as much as, as many as
N1-049かれ~かれ (kare~kare) or
N1-050かたがた (katagata) while, for the purpose of
N1-051かたわら (katawara) while, at the same time
N1-052かつて (katsute) once, before
N1-053嫌いがある (kiraigaaru) to have a tendency to
N1-054きりがない (kiriganai) there’s no end to
N1-055きっての (kitteno) the most … of all
N1-056極まる/極まりない (kiwamaru/kiwamarinai) extremely
N1-057極めて (kiwamete) extremely, exceedingly
N1-058ことだし (kotodashi) because, since
N1-059ことごとく (kotogotoku) altogether, entirely
N1-060ことなしに (kotonashini) without doing something
N1-061ことのないよう (kotononaiyou) so as not to
N1-062こととて (kototote) because, since
N1-063くらいなら (kurainara) rather than
N1-064くらいのものだ (kurainomonoda) only
N1-065までだ (madeda) only
N1-066までもない (mademonai) it’s not necessary to
N1-067まじき (majiki) should not, must not
N1-068ままに (mamani) to do as
N1-069まみれ (mamire) to be covered in
N1-070まるっきり (marukkiri) totally, completely
N1-071めく (meku) to show signs ofOn Cú
N1-072もはや (mohaya) already, no longer
N1-073も顧みず/を顧みず (mokaerimizu/wokaerimizu) regardless of, despite
N1-074もので (monode) because, for that reason
N1-075ものと思われる (monotoomowareru) to think, to suppose
N1-076ものとして (monotoshite) to assume, to suppose
N1-077ものを (monowo) I wish, if only
N1-078もさることながら (mosarukotonagara) not only… but also
N1-079もしくは (moshikuwa) or, otherwise
N1-080もしないで (moshinaide) without even doing
N1-081ながらに/ながらの (nagarani/nagarano) while, during
N1-082ないではおかない/ずにはおかない (naidewaokanai/zuniwaokanai) will definitely, cannot not
N1-083ないではすまない/ずにはすまない (naidewasumanai/zuniwasumanai) must
N1-084ないまでも (naimademo) even if something isn’t done
N1-085ないものでもない (naimonodemonai) (something) is not entirely impossible
N1-086ないものか (naimonoka) can’t we…?, can’t I…?
N1-087ないとも限らない (naitomokagiranai) might
N1-088なくして (nakushite) without
N1-089何しろ (nanishiro) in any case, as you know
N1-090ならでは (naradewa) uniquely applying to
N1-091ならいざしらず (naraizashirazu) I don’t know about A, but B
N1-092なり (nari) as soon as
N1-093なり~なり (nari~nari) or
N1-094なりに/なりの (narini/narino) in one’s own way or style
N1-095なりとも (naritomo) even a little, at least
N1-096なるべく (narubeku) as much as possible
N1-097なしに (nashini) without
N1-098んばかりに (nbakarini) as if, as though
N1-099んがため (ngatame) in order to
N1-100に値する (niataisuru) to be worth, to deserve
N1-101にあたらない (niataranai) it’s not worth, there’s no need to
N1-102にあって (niatte) at, during, in the condition of
N1-103にひきかえ (nihikikae) in contrast to
N1-104に至るまで (niitarumade) until, as far as
N1-105に至っては (niitattewa) as for, when it comes to
N1-106に言わせれば (niiwasereba) if you ask, if one may say
N1-107にかかっている (nikakatteiru) to depend on
N1-108にかたくない (nikatakunai) it’s not hard to
N1-109にまつわる (nimatsuwaru) to be related to
N1-110にもほどがある (nimohodogaaru) to have a limit, to go too far
N1-111にもまして (nimomashite) more than, above
N1-112に則って (ninottotte) in accordance with
N1-113に先駆けて (nisakigakete) to be the first
N1-114にしたって (nishitatte) even, even if
N1-115にして (nishite) only, in (time span)
N1-116に即して (nisokushite) in keeping with
N1-117にたえる/にたえない (nitaeru/nitaenai) can/can’t do something
N1-118に足りない (nitarinai) to be not worth
N1-119に足る/に足りる (nitaru/nitariru) to be enough, to be worthy of
N1-120に照らして (niterashite) in comparison with, according to
N1-121にとどまらず (nitodomarazu) not limited to
N1-122には及ばない (niwaoyobanai) there’s no need to
N1-123によらず (niyorazu) regardless of
N1-124の至り (noitari) utmost
N1-125の極み (nokiwami) utmost
N1-126のみか (nomika) not only… but also
N1-127のなんのって (nonannotte) extremely
N1-128思いをする (omoiwosuru) to feel
N1-129折に (orini) when, on the occasion
N1-130およそ (oyoso) totally, (not) at all
N1-131さも (samo) truly, really
N1-132さもないと (samonaito) otherwise, else, if not so
N1-133さぞ (sazo) I’m sure, I’m certain
N1-134始末だ (shimatsuda) end up, in the end
N1-135そばから (sobakara) as soon as
N1-136それなりに (sorenarini) as it is, in its own way
N1-137そうにもない (sounimonai) impossible, unlikely
N1-138(で)すら (sura/desura) even
N1-139ただ~のみだ (tada~nomida) can do nothing but
N1-140た拍子に (tahyoushini) the instant
N1-141ためしがない (tameshiganai) (something) is never the case
N1-142たりとも (taritomo) (not) even, (not) any
N1-143た瞬間に (tashunkanni) the moment
N1-144てかなわない (tekanawanai) can’t stand, unable to
N1-145てからというもの (tekaratoiumono) after, since
N1-146てっきり (tekkiri) surely, certainly
N1-147てまで (temade) even
N1-148てみせる (temiseru) I’ll definitely
N1-149てもどうにもならない (temodounimonaranai) it’s no use
N1-150ても始まらない (temohajimaranai) it’s no use
N1-151ても差し支えない (temosashitsukaenai) can, it’s okay if
N1-152てしかるべきだ (teshikarubekida) should
N1-153てやまない (teyamanai) always, never stop
N1-154と相まって (toaimatte) together with
N1-155とあれば (toareba) if, if it’s the case that
N1-156とあって (toatte) because of
N1-157とばかりに (tobakarini) as if, as though
N1-158といえども (toiedomo) even, even if
N1-159といい~といい (toii~toii) and, or
N1-160といったらない (toittaranai) very, extremely
N1-161という (toiu) all, every
N1-162というか (toiuka) or, or more precisely
N1-163というか~というか (toiuka~toiuka) (I’m not sure if it’s) A or B
N1-164というもの (toiumono) during a period of time
N1-165というところだ/といったところだ (toiutokoroda/toittatokoroda) approximately, about
N1-166というわけだ (toiuwakeda) this means
N1-167というわけではない (toiuwakedewanai) it’s not that, it doesn’t mean that
N1-168といわず (toiwazu) not just, both
N1-169ときたら (tokitara) when it comes to, concerning
N1-170ときている (tokiteiru) because
N1-171ところがある (tokorogaaru) there is
N1-172ところから (tokorokara) from the fact that
N1-173とみられる (tomirareru) to be regarded as, to be expected to
N1-174とみるや (tomiruya) at the sight of, upon seeing
N1-175ともなく (tomonaku) to do something without thinking about it
N1-176ともなると/ともなれば (tomonaruto/tomonareba) when, once (something happens)
N1-177ともすれば (tomosureba) apt to, prone to
N1-178と思いきや (toomoikiya) I thought
N1-179とりわけ (toriwake) especially
N1-180とされる (tosareru) is considered
N1-181としたって/としたところで (toshitatte/toshitatokorode) even if
N1-182として~ない (toshite~nai) not even one
N1-183とっさに (tossani) at once, right away
N1-184とて (tote) even if, even though
N1-185とても~ない (totemo~nai) cannot possibly
N1-186とは (towa) (indicates word or phrase being defined)
N1-187とはいえ (towaie) nonetheless, although
N1-188とはいうものの (towaiumonono) having said that, be that as it may
N1-189つ~つ (tsu~tsu) (indicates two contrasting actions)
N1-190ってば (tteba) I said, I told you to
N1-191はおろか (waoroka) let alone, not to mention
N1-192はさておき (wasateoki) setting aside
N1-193を踏まえて (wofumaete) based on
N1-194を経て (wohete) through, after, via
N1-195をいいことに (woiikotoni) to take advantage of
N1-196を限りに (wokagirini) starting from
N1-197を兼ねて (wokanete) also for the purpose of
N1-198を皮切りに (wokawakirini) starting with
N1-199を機に (wokini) as an opportunity to
N1-200を禁じえない (wokinjienai) can’t help but
N1-201をものともせず (womonotomosezu) in defiance of
N1-202をもって (womotte) by means of
N1-203をもって (womotte) at the time
N1-204をおいて (wooite) other than, without
N1-205を余儀なくされる (woyoginakusareru) to be forced to do something
N1-206をよそに (woyosoni) despite
N1-207や否や (yainaya) the moment that, as soon as
N1-208やしない (yashinai) not (emphatic negative)
N1-209(よ)うが/(よ)うと (youga/youto) no matter how/what
N1-210(よ)うが~まいが/(よ)うと~まいと (youga~maiga/youto~maito) whether or not
N1-211(よ)うか~まいか (youka~maika) whether or not
N1-212(よ)うものなら (youmononara) if one chooses to
N1-213(よ)うにも~ない (younimo~nai) even if one tries to do something, it can’t be done
N1-214ようによっては (youniyottewa) depending on
N1-215ゆえに (yueni) therefore, consequently
N1-216ざる (zaru) not, -un
N1-217ずじまい (zujimai) never
N1-218ずくめ (zukume) entirely, completely
N1-219ずとも (zutomo) even without doing

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